Psx games that can read 2nd memory card slot

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Once you choose a suitable memory card capacity for the game you would like to play, make sure that the 'NTFS' mark is ticked. When you've done that, press once on 'Create'. The first option is a basic 8 MB memory card. This is a standard PlayStation 2 memory card. … Is It The Disc, PS2 Or Memory Card? - PlayStation 2 - GameSpot Nov 18, 2006 · Well if it's this game, that's a Playstation 1 title, which means you'll need a PS1 memory card to save it on. PS1 games generally won't recognize and use PS2 memory cards, even in the PS2. The 2nd memory card slot on the PS2 is useless! - SDA Forum Seriously, it is. Currently, I'm only playing 2 games on my PS2: - Crash Bandicoot 2 (ps1) - DDR Extreme 2 (ps2) And neither one even bother reading the 2nd memory card slot when loading. So between each one I have to switch the cards out, which is bull when Final Fantasy VII reads either slot. Everyone, join me in nagging about how dumb it is! How to Save to Memory Cards With a PSX Emulator | It Still Works The PSX emulator has the ability to save up to five different game saves on the PSX emulated memory card. The different save slots are known as save states. To change save states, simply select a different save slot when saving your game. Research and obtain the "SCPH1001.bin" file yourself from your legally owned PlayStation 1 console.

Anyone think the second memory card slot will ever be working in ...

PSX (digital video recorder) - Wikipedia PSX (digital video recorder) ... Because of the different placement of the memory card slots ... the PSX can be laid horizontally or stood up vertically. PS2 Memory Card slot 1 repair | AfterDawn Discussion Forums

1 Jan 2008 ... Does anyone now how to save games on the psX emulator. I have created a folder and assigned it as one of the memory cards for the ... Originally Posted by TWO View Post ... Sounds to me like pSX can't save the card file, possibly due to ... and type the names of the cards you want to create in slots 1 & 2.

PlayStation Troubleshooting - iFixit PlayStation Troubleshooting. Contents. ... the game disc will slip as it spins and the laser will not be able to properly read the game disc. The spindle hub can be ... and When I start it up with out a disc in it there is a blue arrow pointing to the memory card but when I put the memory card in the slots provided , the blue arrow goes away ... Memory Card detection issue : psx - Even when no controller are plugged in, the memory card is never detected, either in Slot A or B. I am fairly certain that the memory card themselves aren't the problem, the store at which I buy my used games and accessories have never failed me, and I bought two memory cards due to the bulk of games I've just purchased. My playstation 2 won't read the memory card? | Yahoo Answers My playstation 2 won't read the memory card? I keep trying to play Silent Hill but it keeps saying that there's no memory card in the slot when there is. I already tried switching the slots and deleting stuff from my memory card. Ps2 Memory Card Problem. Please Help ...

Google, help, ps2, memory card, not detecting, not reading, aaah! I put in the card in slot two and the browser showed the saves. So I tried to just boot with it in slot two and load data.

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